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Get Ready -- Here Comes The Green Fleet!

How do you get a truck this big to leave a smaller footprint?
By retrofitting the engine to burn Liquid Natural Gas, of course.
Why Go Green?
Those of us who live and work in Southern California are faced with the challenge of keeping up with business demands while reducing our carbon footprint.
In an effort to meet that ecological challenge, the Green Fleet operated by Southern Counties Express is working to implement Liquid Natural Gas Heavy Duty Trucks into our fleet. Our initiative to utilize grants set up specifically to replace older model trucks with newer cleaner burning trucks has lead us to the point were we are today.
What are the Benefits?
Our Green Fleet vehicles will be added incrementally to our roster between December 2007 and March 2008.
We are proud to join the ports and the South Coast AQMD in this program and look forward to working closely with them to improve quality of life in Southern California.
Please check back soon for further updates as we transition into a greener future.

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